“Every bird loves it’s own nest.”
– Schiller


KITCHEN DESIGNS of today are culinary showplaces with style, easy care and convenience. The expansion of the kitchen design into living space has created a hub of daily living, but also a working room. Every detail, the lighting, the height of the countertops, even the fittings in your cabinets, should all suit your personal needs and lifestyle.

LIVING ROOMS: Whether your living room interior design is traditional or modern, this space in your home is where the design elements can set the mood. Rooms with high ceilings need designs that draw your eye up and require special lighting and other considerations.

BATHROOM DESIGNS in today’s homes have changed quite a bit and upgrading your bathroom will go a long way towards modernizing your home. The overall theme of today’s bathroom is luxury and style. They are no longer rooms to simply get in and out of, rather they are a room to relax in and de-stress.

DINING ROOMS are like prized recipes that win acclaim for the cook. Successful dining room designs blend mood and function. Room staging may be fantastic but if the company is cramped at an insufficient table or the lighting is inappropriate for the area, your dining room design won’t work. A butler’s pantry is always the most useful addition.

BEDROOM DESIGNS should create a retreat after a long day’s journey. Bedroom colors should be serene, bedding lavish, light should be conductive to mood. The idea is total comfort. A place that is no one’s but your own, whether you crave a traditional environment or a more eclectic one.

FOYERS set the tone for the entire house and when decorated properly they echo the style of the other rooms extending off the foyer. Whether the look is casual or traditional, the foyer design should set the stage for the house.

FAMILY ROOMS and HOME OFFICES: The secret to the success of a library, home office, den or study design is to create a cocooning effect and sense of peace that promotes both concentration and relaxation.