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“A work is perfectly finished only when nothing can be added to it and nothing taken away.”
– Joseph Joubert

SVH Interiors Company History

In 1982, Susan M. Vanden Heuvel established the design firm SVH Interiors, Ltd. Initially, the business was linked to retail furnishing establishments in New York, with custom drapery and upholstery work managed independently. By 1984 the scope of the work had expanded to designing the full contract interiors of the furnishings stores as they were establishing new locations. Transformation of the firm began in 1988 with its incorporation and the complete interior design of its first independent contract commission. Within the next two years, new goals and directions were to be defined, directly contributing to the ultimate growth and stature of the firm. Today, SVH Interiors is firmly established as one of the North Shore’s leading Interior Designers.

Design Philosophy

At SVH Interiors, Ltd. their design philosophy is to create beautiful interiors while constantly remaining aware of the clients financial expectations. The firms mission has been that their quality design and the ability to customize numerous residential and commercial items.