Interior Design Services

At SVH Interiors, we’ve been solving interior design problems since 1982. Working with us gives you access to our experienced owner/designer, and also to our extensive network of talent resources, including craftsmen, tradespeople and artists.

Interior architectural design is both an art and a science. Each project involves innumerable aesthetic considerations, but must also address concerns about functionality and lifestyle. We work hard to address all your design issues beautifully and practically.
Our interior design services include:

  • Helping you evaluate your project and set priorities
  • Making a master plan, which includes defining your look and deciding how to create it
  • Reworking existing space limitations and designing floor plans, furniture layouts and elevations
  • Addressing interior architectural elements (e.g., lighting, built-in cabinets)
  • Interior decoration, including selection/purchase of materials, colors and furniture
  • Project management and assistance with your contractors or ours

Detailing Services

At SVH Interiors, we help with the details that might overwhelm the average homeowner. We help you to optimize your space, and to make the design project more enjoyable. The homes or rooms we help to create are unique and special to us and to the client, thanks in large part to our attention to details.
Our detailing services include:

  • Addressing interior architectural elements (e.g., lighting design, built-in cabinets, custom furniture design)
  • For new or renovated construction, selecting just the right architectural moldings, paneling and all the little components that go into a room design
  • Flooring design, for wood floors, inlays, or carpeting, if needed or desired.
  • Measuring your home or room, enabling us to create a plan encompassing things you have or new things that will serve your lifestyle.

Decoration Services

Decorating is what gives a space its finishing touch. Furniture, antiques, lighting fixtures, wall coverings, window treatments and/or floor coverings: The careful screening, editing and selection of these and other elements is at the heart of decoration. At SVH Interiors, we bring impeccable taste to all our decorating work. Many of our rooms have been based on old world European designs. In addition, we provide access to a treasure trove of resources through our extensive network of furniture and antiques contacts here and abroad.
Our decorating services include:

  • Helping you evaluate your project and set priorities
  • Making a master plan, which includes defining your look and placing every element of that design appropriately and beautifully.
  • Advice about and selection/purchase of furniture, fabric, colors, wall and window coverings, artwork, antiques, rugs, and curtains etc.
  • Designing and purchasing window treatments and coordinating their completion
  • Working with reupholsterers and antique restorers
  • Project management if needed